Agricultural Animal Feeds

We stock a wide range of feed for Sheep, Cattle, Pigs, Turkeys (seasonal), Goats and even Llama and Alpacas!

Below is a selection of the feed we stock and the current prices (subject to change) but pop in to one of our shops to see the full range:

Heygates Sow Rolls 20kg £6.55

Heygates Ewe Nuts 20kg £6.40

For Farmers Calf Milk 25kg £38.10

Heygates Ruminant Mix 20kg £7.55 (Sheep and Cattle)

Lamlac Lamb Milk 5kg and 10kg

Allen and Page Pygmy Goat Mix 15kg £9.15

Badminton Country Mix 20kg £8.10 (Sheep, Cattle and Goats)

Badminton Llama and Alpaca Mix 20kg £8.85


We also stock mineral buckets for Sheep and Cattle.