Poultry Bedding

We stock bedding as follows as well as our top quality bales of straw from our local farm:


Bedmax Shavings offers you a 100% natural, dust free horse bedding. Bedmax shavings are large flake shavings.

Smart Horse Shavings:

Smart Horse dust free shavings offer traditional bedding of the highest quality. Manufactured from kiln dried softwood which is highly absorbent. Smart Horse woodshavings are free from all chemicals and provide a safe clean and dry environment particularly suitable for animals which may have allergies or respiratory problems.

Snowflake Softchip:

Snowfake Softchip is a popular alternative to traditional wood shavings. It is dust extracted for a healthy respiratory system and is free draining and highly absorbent.


Sundown Yellow:

The chopped and double dedusted rape straw is highly absorbent due to a pithy inner core. The bedding is treated against moulds and composts quickly. The impressive coverage given by each bale and competitive pricing makes this an economical choice. The Eucalyptus fragrance provides a pleasant aroma ,helps clear airways and deters flies.